Corporate Partners

MultiMarathon works together with many companies who have a true commitment to supporting the community, charities and the aims of MultiMarathon.

It is through the charitable support of these Corporate Friends, our partners that we are able to fund the many fundraising awareness events as well as the initiatives and future projects

As a MultiMarathon Friend, you will be entering into a true collaborative partnership, where we can help you support us. We understand that partnerships need to be flexible, with different Corporate Friends having specific needs and objectives.

We can work with you to tailor a partnership to suit your needs, be it through pro bono support, in-kind goods and services, financial support and information services.

MultiMarathon is willing to work with you in the long or short term to meet your business goals, whilst fulfilling the MultiMarathon’s aims of funding Events and projects in communities right across Australia For charities and those people that are most in need of support.

The only thing we ask - that our Corporate Friends are truly committed to working with us to make a difference to the Australian community, Charities and the people of Australia effected by hardship.

What we can offer you
Partnering with us to support MultiMarathon and expand your corporate social responsibility program will help you:

  • Make an impact on your community by supporting MulitMarathon and associated charities nationally, as well as helping ensure the next generation of Australians
  • Build your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors through your support of MultiMarathon
  • Build trust in your organisation by aligning with us and our cause
  • Inspire pride in your employees by giving back to the community
  • Create buzz around your activity for the MultiMarathon
  • Suggest ways to become involved in fundraising events such as our MultiMarathon Simpson Desert 15 marathons in 15 days for 15 Charities.

Want to submit a proposal?
If you would like to help make a difference and would like to submit a proposal on how your company would like to support MultiMarathon, please fill out the following form

Become A Corporate Partner

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