The Rules

1. Organization

The Simpson Desert MultiMarathon is organized and run by MultiMarathon Incorporated.

ABN: 97 687 216 319 Unit 3, 750 Pittwater Rd Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia.

The Event will take place in the Simpson Desert Australia starting at the Lambert, the Geographical Centre of Australia and finishing 650km later at Birdsville QLD.

2. Definition of the Competition

The Simpson Desert MultiMarathon is a 15 marathon 15 day race across the Simpson Desert raising funds on behalf of 15 charities. Each day is a separate marathon for each charity combining for the ultimate physical challenge that being 15 marathons in 15 days without a rest day.

3. General conditions

The Simpson Desert MulitMarathon will be administered according to the general race regulations and their amendments, to which all participants agree to when they register for the event

4. Conditions of admission for contestants

Anyone meeting the following conditions will be accepted:

  • Must be over 18,
  • Any citizenship.
  • Competitors must hold a medical certificate issued by the organization stating their ability to participate, and a resting ECG report.
  • The medical certificate and ECG must be dated not more than 30 days prior to the start of the race.

5. Categories of Participants

  • Category A: Individual

An individual can win the overall race but will be placed in a team to run and generate money for the charity team.

  • Category B: Team participants

A team is made up of at least 3 runners and no more than 8 runners. Each team will raise money for charity.

 6.   Race Itinerary

  1. All competitors will arrive at Alice Springs on the morning of September 13th and will complete the finial registration for the 2012 Simpson Desert Marathon.
  2. All forms and certificates will be checked prior to departure on the 14th September to Lambert
  3. All competitors will be tested for drugs
  4. All competitors will be given the orientation for the event including safety procedures
  5. 14th September all competitors will leave Alice Springs by bus and travel to the Geographical Centre of Australia, the Lambert Centre
  6. 15th September all runners and teams will start the race towards Birdsviille, the finish line
  7. 29th September all competitors will arrive at Birdsville for presentation
  8. 30th September all competitors will leave Birdsville by plane and arrive at Brisbane Airport, to meet whatever transport arrangements you have made.

Note: It is your responsibility to arrange transport to Alice Springs and again from Brisbane    Airport.

7. Technical And Administrative verifications

This takes place on the 13th September 2012. Competitors must present themselves to the race organizers. The competitors must meet the administrative and technical requirements. An exact list of each competitors equipment must be established (i.e. compulsory items, food and personal belongings). The support crew and organizers are authorized at any time to check and supervise the competitor’s backpacks. Each element referring to the competitor’s equipment list is strictly personal. In the case of a missing item, whether it has being thrown away, lost or stolen, the competitor will be penalized. They must therefore inform the organization of any missing item, failing which penalties could be levied. Each competitor is responsible for his / her own equipment.

8. Identification Marks

During the administrative and technical registration SDM will provide each competitor with a Simpson Desert running shirt to be worn on the 14th September and on the 30th September 2012.

Each day when registering to run you will be given your race shirt for the day, noting that each day is for a different charity.

Competitors with individual sponsors need to ensure all logos have be supplied by August 1st 2012.

A competitor card (used to record the competitors attendance at each checkpoint). These ID marks must be worn by the competitors throughout the race and positioned according to the organization’s indications, failing which penalties will be issued. The race stewards may carry out checks at any time. It is formally forbidden to cover the organization’s race numbers with any other lettering. Each competitors is obliged to ensure that his / her ID marking is clear, entirely visible and in good condition and in the proper place. The organization will make spare ID markings available in case of loss or damage. Each competitor agrees to adhere strictly to this rule, subject to serious penalty in case of violation

9. Space Reserved For Individual Sponsors

In addition to the official ID markings, the participants may use other body / clothing space for the use by individual sponsors (T-shirts (apart from the chest area exclusively reserved for race number), shorts, socks, caps, backpacks etc). However, the organization reserves the right to prohibit sponsorship considered to be oversize or in direct competition with the organization’s partners, or for any other reasons and which the organization does not have to justify. Before the start of each stage, the water distribution point is a compulsory check-point. Simpson Desert MultiMarathon will distribute the 1.5l of water needed to reach each check-point  

10. Starting Order

All 105 competitors, teams and individuals will line up together. As each day is a separate race, the times run each day will be calculated after the last race has been finished to give the overall best time and the Simpson Desert Ultra Legend Title for 2012

11. Check Points

The water distribution and check in stations are located at every 11km. These check in stations are compulsory checkpoints. This allows the race officials to record times and to distribute water supplies. Medical assistance will be available at each checkpoint.

An official time-keeper will take down the daily order of arrival for each competitor. Water is distributed and pointing card must be punched.

12. Ranking

Each competitor’s time is indicated in hours, minutes and seconds. Each competitor is given an electronic transponder which they must wear throughout the competition and give back at the race finish. Loss of this device will entail automatic loss of the security deposit.

 Category A: Individual ranking

The daily race ranking is calculated by adding the time taken to run that stage of the race plus penalties, if applicable. General ranking is calculated by adding together times for each stage of the race.

 Category B: Team ranking

For teams, the daily stage ranking is calculated by adding the times for each member of the team plus penalties, if applicable. The average of the team's times (plus penalties for withdrawal, if applicable) indicates the ranking of that team. General ranking is calculated by adding the times obtained by the team at each stage.

All complaints must be made in writing to the organization

13.  Water Supply

The Organization is responsible for the supply of water for each competitor. Water is typically distributed as follows;

  • Clean water bottles filled before the start of each race and given to competitors.
  • At each check in station a clean water bottle filled with water will be supplied and must be taken before continuing the race.
  • Clean water bottles supplied and filled at end of race and in camp
  • Note each competitor will be supplied with 3 water bottles with name and number on the bottles. Organizer’s will fill and clean bottles, but you are responsible for the bottles not to be lost
  • Each participant must manage his/her daily water intake as and when water is distributed and cannot obtain further water supplies at any other time
  • Never leave without water. Should you get lost in the desert, water reserves could be vital.

14. Tents/ Base camp

Simpson Desert MultiMarathon wants the competitors to concentrate on the race and fundraising.

  • Camp site set up will be done by support crew
  • Tents set up by support crew
  • Competitors will be allocated a tent number for the duration of the event
  • Camp fires will only be set up by support crew not competitors or you will be disqualified.
  • Catering / food will be supplied and cooked by support crew. If special food required Simpson Desert MultiMarathon must be notified by the 1st of August 2012
  • Toilets will be set up by support crew and used by all competitors or be disqualified.
  • If in doubt of anything check with support crew
  • Enjoy your marathon

15. First Aid Assistance

St John Ambulance (Qld) will be providing first aid assistance to competitors and will be in attendance  
throughout the race.  There will be a St John first aid post set up at base camp to ensure that any 
competitors who are suffering from exhaustion can be treated. 

16. Dropping Out

Under no circumstances (and at the risk of having to pay the search costs involved)

  • Will any competitor leave the race course, for any reason.
  •  Will any competitor leave without informing the organizers’ and signing an official discharge provided by Simpson Desert MultiMarathon
  • In the event a competitor drops out of the race: he /she must inform the organizers and return the ID plates to a race official.
  • If one member of a team (with 3 or members remaining) abandons the race, the team will continue as normal.

Several options are available to competitors who wish to withdraw from the race.

1)    In the case of a serious physical condition, repatriation may be arranged immediately

2)    A competitor who is in adequate physical condition but wishes to withdraw may elect to:

  1. Be driven to the final finish line having signed the official discharge provided by Simpson Desert MultiMarathon. Subject to feasibility, lodging and meals being at the competitors own expense.
  2. Be driven by the Support crew every morning from the starting point to the evening’s camp. Note if this option is taken you will be asked to assist support crew

17. Ground Assistance

The Organization reminds all Competitors that the Simpson Desert MultiMarathon is a race through the Simpson Desert where climatic and ground conditions are extreme.

Any outside assistance is strictly prohibited. If a competitor is supplied by persons during the race, he / she will be heavily penalized. If a competitor goes far off the race route, necessitating a lengthy search, he / she will paying for all and any search and rescue costs

18. Insurance

An insurance policy covering medical evacuation (repatriation) is arranged by the organization for all entrants throughout the race.

  • All competitors take part in the full knowledge of the risks that may be incurred during this type of competition. Since competitors participate of their own free will, the organization is not responsible for any collapse or accident
  • If an overseas competitor travel insurance is required and a copy of policy supplied
  • If a resident of Australia medical insurance is required and a copy of policy supplied

In accordance with the 1984 law on sport, the organizer is obliged to advise Competitors to take out their own accident and death insurance.

19. Weather and Terrain Conditions

  • Average Temperatures in the Simpson Desert can be and are extreme at best.
  • Overnight temperatures can fall below freezing (-5)
  • Day time temperatures up to 50 Degrees
  • High gusty winds and sand storms
  • Extreme wet weather causing floods, in which case water crossings may need to be taken with canoes
  • The 650 km (approx) course covers a wide variety of terrain (sand dunes, rocky desert, stony ground etc, even though most of the race route is via the road conditions of the surface change given weather conditions at the time.
  • In case of sand storms lowering visibility to zero, the competitors must stop in their tracks and wait for instructions by the Organizers’
  • The organizers reserve the right to modify the route and the length of the various stages as a result of unfavorable weather conditions or regulations in certain areas

20. Markings

The competitors of the Simpson Desert MultiMarathon must follow the course as marked by the organizers failing which could result in disqualification and cost for search and rescue

As most of the race is by road there is no reason to go of course. Any sections not by road will be clearly marked for runners to see

21. Compulsory Equipment for Competitors

The compulsory equipment and the personal belongings of each competitor (food, survival kit etc)

  • Each competitor will be supplied a backpack before arriving at Alice Springs. This back pack will hold all your personal items require for the race. This has been included in the entry fee. It will also allow Simpson Desert MultiMarathon better transport of personal equipment. And save time and space for transport across the Desert.
  • Food will be supplied to runners for breakfast and dinner and any runners making camp from lunch time on. If you require extra food supplements while running (which is recommended) then you must bring that yourself and keep in mind it must be able to fit in to the backpack supplied to you.
  • No cooking utensils or equipment can be brought with you as it is supplied by the caterers.
  •  Each competitor must have 14,000 k/calories, that is to say a minimum of 2000 k/calories per day
  • Equipment to bring with you:
    1. Sleeping bag suitable for cold conditions
    2. Pillow
    3. Warm clothing for cold nights (-5 degrees)
    4. Torch with spare batteries
    5. 11 safety pins
    6. Recommended seconded pair of running shoes
    7. Good quality boots or shoes for when not running, bare feet at anytime will not be accepted and may result in disqualification and sent to finish line

22. Registration Commitment, Entry Fees and Administrative  obligations


The total cost of entry (as individual or team) is variable, depending on where you live. Your entry fees cover all cost from Alice Springs to Queensland in relation to the event but not your travel expenses to Alice Springs or from Queensland.

Registration fees include:

  • 1 nights’ accommodation at Alice Springs
  • Transport from Alice Springs to Lambert the Geographical Centre of Australia
  • Food and tents for the event
  • Backpack to put your belongings in. (will be sent to you in time for you to pack)
  • Air flight from Birdsville to Brisbane Airport
  • Running shirts for each marathon (must be worn as allocated for each marathon)
  • Water and water bottles
  • Technical support
  • Medical support
  • Sunnycam glasses to video event
  • Video of event supplied 3 months after the event 

To complete entry to the Simpson Desert MultiMarathon application the applicant must submit the following documents with complete details within any deadlines given

  • Online Registration form
  • Completed printed registered form, signed and dated
  • Additional printed personal information form signed and dated
  • Printed press release form signed and dated
  • Printed hotel form signed and dated
  • Photocopy of passport or drivers license etc
  • 3 passport size photos with entrants name on the back
  • A security deposit cheque (value to be refunded only if you complete the race and do not incur a penalty that forfeits the deposit)
  • If you are receiving long term treatment for a chronic disease, attach a sealed letter addressed to the Medical Director
  • The organization’s medical certificate, the resting electrocardiogram (ECG) report plus graph, dated less than 30 days before the start of the race are to be presented during the administrative and technical checks. Only the original documents, dated and signed, will be accepted (photocopies not valid). Failure to present these documents will incur penalties

The items listed above (with the exception of the medical certificate and ECG which must be presented to Simpson Desert MultiMarathon on the day prior to race start) must reach MultiMarathon Inc within any deadlines specified. All payments (cheques / postal orders etc) must be made payable to MultiMarathon. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in the cancellation of your place with payments forfeited according to the cancellation policy.

Simpson Desert MultiMarathon reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone without justification or reason.

The organization’s medical certificate and the resting electrocardiogram (ECG) report plus graph dated less than 30 days before the race begins, must be presented in Simpson Desert MultiMarathon during the administrative and technical checks.

23. Cancellation

Cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Cancellation refunds will be made on the following basis

  • Registration deposit of $500 if in writing before July 30th 2012
  • Full registration of $3497.97 if in writing before July 30th 2012
  • NO refunds of any kind will be refunded after July 30th 2012 regardless of the reason.
  • Security Deposits of $500 will be refunded 30 days after the event provided no rules have been breached relating to security deposits
  •  We advise all competitors to take out insurance covering cancellation
  • In the event of cancellation of the race, Simpson Desert MultiMarathon undertakes to reimburse payments already received

24. Errors and Penalties

Technical and Administrative check in

  • If a competitor is more than 30 minutes late for these checks on the administration day, he / she will be penalized by the length of time of his / her being late.
  • If a competitor does not submit proof of having all his / her compulsory equipment, he / she will be disqualified.
  • Each administrative document missing from the registration file will result in a penalty
  • Failure to present one of these documents at the administrative check in Alice Springs will result in disqualification from the race.
  • Non compliance with min / max weight of equipment will be penalized.
  • No refund of entry fee or security deposit will be given if missing any documentation at registration in Alice Springs

Medical File

  • Competitors unable to provide a medical certificate and / or resting ECG report plus graph signed and no older than 30 days prior to the start of the race during the medical checks prior to the race start will be penalized and possibly disqualified from the race. In order to participate, and subject to the doctors approval, such competitors may undergo the necessary medical examinations on site for a fee of $200. Without the doctor’s approval, the competitor will be disqualified.

List of personal belongings

  • Competitors abandoning one or several elements of his personal equipment should inform the support crew. Competitors who cannot justify at any check point the absence of any personal belonging will be severely penalized

Id Markings

  • In the event of loss or damage to ID markings, it is essential to advise race officials immediately, or a penalty will be applied. Competitors failing to wear their ID markings may risk elimination from the race. Tampering with ID markings will result in the competitors immediate disqualification as well as loss of security deposit

Start of each race

  • Competitors who fail to be present at the starting line when each Marathon begins will be penalized by the time equivalent to the delay. Exceeding 30 minutes, the competitor will be disqualified and his / her ID markings will be handed over to the steward


  • There are checkpoints at the start and finish or every marathon as well as every 11 km from the start to the finish,
  • Competitors must register at every check point
  • Failure to register at a check point, the competitor will be penalized for failure to check-in. First infraction will be subject to 60 minutes penalty, second infraction will result in 120 minutes penalty and the third time elimination from the race

Maximum authorized time 

  • Competitors who exceed the maximum time authorized for each marathon will be disqualified and must return their ID to the steward.
  • Maximum time for any marathon will be 1 hour before sunset.
  • Competitors exceeding the authorized time for any marathon may be disqualified

Withdrawal from the race

  • Any competitor withdrawing from the race must notify an organization official as soon as possible. The participant loses his / her security deposit. Withdrawal does not entitle competitors to a refund regardless the reason for withdrawal

Drugs / Doping

  • Any use of illicit or performance enhancement drugs by a competitor noted by the medical team will result in the elimination of that person from the race. NO REFUNDS will be given
  • All competitors will be tested at Alice Springs and again at Birdsville for any drugs
  • Random drug testing will occur over the 15 days for the 15 marathons. Any one tested positive will be disqualified and no refunds given!

Alcohol Free Zone

  • MultiMarathon has declared this race a alcohol free zone. Anyone caught in possession of alcohol will be automatically disqualified and will forfeit their security deposit. This is a zero tolerance rule! No refund will be given!

Ground assistance

  • The use of any transportation, either 2 or 4 wheels will result in elimination from the race. Any competitor, who mistakenly wanders far off course, necessitating a lengthy search, will lose the security deposit.

Water and the environment

  • Any water container found on the course will result in a penalty. The throwing away of any food packaging or other items on the race route is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.


  • Any inappropriate or harmful behavior towards competitors will incur serious penalties
  • Any inappropriate, harmful, abuse of any kind to any support crew member will result in immediate disqualification and said competitor sent to the finish line with loss of entry fee and security deposit.
  • Any breach of federal or local laws will result in the matter being passed on to the local authorities as well as disqualification and lose of entry fee and security deposit
  • Any willful damage to the property of others or the theft of property will result in the disqualification and loss of entry fee and security deposit
  • If you have any concerns or issues security will be on hand to look in to or take care of any problems arising

Photo / Video and Media

Simpson Desert MultiMarathon reserves all exclusive rights for photo and video coverage of the Simpson Desert MultiMarathon. Competitors must agree that the Organization may have exclusive use their identity and individual or collective pictures or Videos for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in the Marathons. Any still camera, video or movie coverage done during the Simpson Desert MultiMarathon cannot be used by competitors, their entourage or trainers for any use other than personal without prior written authorization or accreditation from the Organization. As a result, any book or film (short, feature) project must obtain written authorization from MultiMarathon

List of Prizes 


  • 1st  prize Trophy and Cheque
  • 2nd Prize Trophy and Cheque
  • 3rd Prize Trophy and Cheque 


  • 1st  prize Trophy and Cheque
  • 2nd Prize Trophy and Cheque
  • 3rd Prize Trophy and Cheque

There is also a prize for the individual or team that raises the most money for their charity. In the same manner as above

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