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To register to run in the 2012 Simpson Desert MultiMarathon

please fill in the form belw and send

How to Register

  • You can only register online at MultiMarathon
  • You can register even if you’re not a resident of Australia
  • You will need a visitor’s visa or sporting visa to race. Check with the Australian embassy in your country in order to comply
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa’s to enter Australia

The Simpson Desert MultiMarathon available places

The Simpson Desert MultiMarathon is an annual event run at the same time each year.

In 2012 100 places are currently available. Deposits are now being taken to secure places. Enter as an individual or as a team.

Enter as an individual

  • All individual entrants are only excepted if they are intending to run the full 15 marathons in 15 days. Note each marathon is 44km per day total of 650 km.
  • Only individual entrants running all 15 marathons can claim the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize
  • All individual entrants are still expected to raise money for charity.
  • You can be an individual entry and be part of a team

Enter as a Team

  • You can enter as a team only if you are representing a charity
  • As a team you can have runners run 11km per day in a relay and have runners run for the ultimate prize for running 44km every day
  • Charities can enter runners to represent the charity

How much will it cost?

  • The cost to enter regardless of individual or as a team member is the same. All entrants will pay $3497.97
  • A deposit of $500 will secure your position but the balance must be paid by July 1st 2012
  • Your entry fees cover all food, water and transport from Alice Springs to Queensland. Only basics are required by you see (rules and F,A,C)
  •  A security bond of $500 is required that is returned only if no rules have been broken outlined in the rules.  

Requirements for entry

  • Acceptance of the rules that apply to the race
  • Deadlines for payments must be met
  • Deadlines for completion of registration forms must be kept (An online form to be completed after registration, followed by signed paper forms)
  • Your contact details must be kept up-to-date
  • A sealed letter addressed to the Medical Director for anyone undergoing long term treatment for a chronic disease.
  • An ECG and medical certificate signed by a doctor to be presented on the day prior to the race start.


  • You can cancel your place at any time by letting us know in writing. Cancellation fees apply as listed in the rules. We recommend you take out insurance that covers cancellation.

Registration Application Form

Simpson Desert MultiMarathon 2012

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