Whether it is the Ultra Challenge or the Quarter challenge this is not a race of just endurance and speed, it’s a race of tactics, endurance, and team smarts. You have to remember running one race is easy but 15 marathons in a row in the desert is a whole new game.


The runners that set out hard from day one to win every race may find that they will never finish. This is a race of the mind as much as a race of endurance.

MultiMarathon will only take 105 runners to the Simpson Desert as this is the harshest terrain in the world to run in. So harsh is this terrain that the national park is closed over the summer months due to extreme heat!

You can enter as an individual or as a team. The aim is to raise money for one of the 15 charities that MultiMarathon support.

What you can expect when running in the Simpson Desert.

Located within the driest region of the Australian continent, the Simpson Desert is one of the world’s best examples of dunal desert. The sand dunes stretch over hundreds of kilometers – the towering crests and vast, flat valleys (or swales) between them stretching endlessly towards the horizon. The sheer magnitude of the endless landscape inspires a wide range of emotions in visitors-some are overwhelmed by the seeming repetitiveness of the desert, while others marvel at the ever-changing environment.

The Simpson Desert lies across the corners of three States – South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory, with the South Australian section divided into 3 protected areas, Simpson Desert Conservation Park, Simpson Desert Regional Reserve and Witjira National Park.
Competent four-wheel drive explorers experience the spectacular landscape including deep-red dunes, salt-crusted lakes, vast stretches of artificial grass lands, dense scrubland and even tall stands of Hakea and Gidgee, giving the illusion of lush forest.


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